360° digital marketing services

In the digital age, digital marketing is the best
way to maximize your brand’s reach, exposure,
and engagement, on your target audience
members’ favorite channels and platforms.
We’ll learn your brand’s unique needs and
build a digital marketing strategy that
meets them head-on, on all the
relevant channels – social, email, search, radio,
and more.

We focus campaigns based on your values
and mission, as well as the results of in-depth
market research, and adapt content and
campaigns to the platforms that will promote 
your brand best

Table of Contents

Email marketing

Email marketing is considered the more effective
and cost-efficient way to market a brand,
as there is no need to pay to “play.”

The Orshon team creates personalized email
marketing campaigns that call your customers
to click through and convert. From subscriber
list building and A/B testing before delivery,

to the creation and the integration of powerful
marketing content that leaves readers wanting

our email marketing services are designed
to keep yourmailers out of spam folders,
and in your customers’ minds.

Facebook marketing

Grow your reach and results on Facebook,
with Orshon Digital Media Company’s poignant 
and precise Facebook marketing services.
Understanding that Facebook is one of
the top-performing social media
platforms for today’s savvy business,

our team of digital marketing experts
provides your brand with everything you
need to succeed when marketing on
Facebook: a custom strategy, organic
and boosted posts, auditingand
competitor analysis,

monthly reporting, cover photo and
profile pic design, stunning ad creatives,
and much, much more. We use the best
(and most secretive) in-house developed tools,

as well as external solutions to maximize
your top-quality lead generation in minimal time!

Instagram marketing

With over 1 billion active monthly users,

Instagram is the place to be for brands
looking to sell their customers with
stunning visuals – exactly what Orshon
Digital Media Company specializes in

We help you boost your
Instagram presence and performance
that extends beyond the scope of
snapping Insta-worthy pics.

From profile optimization that includes
a branded profile pic,
an exciting and informative bio,
a link to your website,
and shareable Story highlights
to keyword and hashtag research,
organic and paid ad
generation, post scheduling and more.
As long-time branding and graphics

Instagram is our jam – and it
will soon be yours as well!

Google marketing

When it comes to marketing on Google,

it’s always importnt to remain in this
search engine giant’s good books. Luckily,
we know exactly what your
content needs to make a great
impression in the SERPs. From organic
and paid Google, 

to Google Ads in banners,
videos, and many websites 
the internet, 
we ensure that our due
diligence includes the right SEO
keywords and marketing content to
increase your brand’s visibility,
click-through rate, conversions, and returns.

Taboola/Outbrain marketing

Taboola and Outbrain are platforms that
integrate marketing content on content
websites – big names like ynet, 
Walla and Globes,to name a few.

We help your content reach as many viewers as
possible with exciting titles,
while remaining aligned with your brand’s
marketing strategy.
Our team is so good – your readers will 

never know you paid to post on these
highly reliable platforms.

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is the single most important
social media platform for B2B and B2C

which means that
marketing on LinkedIn places a
tremendous amount of buying power
within your easy reach.

Orshon Digital Media Company helps you
extend yourhand and access that buying power,
through tailor-made LinkedIn marketing
campaigns, designed with your brand,
your customers, and your target market
in mind.

We’ll refine your target
create posting schedules and
posts that promote engagement with
LinkedIn users,

help you make strategic
connections through your marketing

and provide regular reports and
insights on your brand’s LinkedIn
marketing activities,
so you can make necessary tweaks and
improve your results.

Telegram marketing

If your brand isn’t marketing on Telegram,

there’s no time like the present
to launch a campaign on this new and
trendy social media platform.

The Orshon team is highly versed in
everything Telegram and will help you
identify and harness the benefits of
Telegram marketing for your brand.

We’ll create your brand’s very own Telegram
channel and bot, and help you market on
using branded stickers, 
bulk messages,
channel advertising, community 
and more.

Landing pages & marketing funnels

Need a little help guiding your potential
new and returning customers through the
various steps of the sales funnel so that
they buy, buy, buy?

Let Orshon design
captivating and engaging landing pages
that move your target audience from
awareness through interest,
and to decision making and action.

Our custom landing page design integrates stunning
graphics with compelling content,
all packaged together in an
easy-to-navigate format,
for your customers’ benefit.

We work wit the best landing
page and marketing funnel building
system to create highly-focused adds
for two landing pages at a time, 
and A/B test them to determine which
is more 
converting, among other capabilities.

Our knowledge and tools enable us to help
you optimize your conversions
like never before.

YouTube marketing

Demonstrate your brand’s thought leadership
and influencer capabilities through carefully
crafted pre-roll (paid advertising) and 
organic marketing videos on YouTube.

Our team of digital marketing experts create the ideal
balance of engaging and informational video content,
so you can market your business to your target audience on
a highly popular social channel.