About Orshon Radio

Want to learn to build your own website,
run your own digital campaigns, write
your own compelling content, or more?
Join Orshon Digital Media Company’s very
own, for a radio program designed to
help you develop your business via a
multitude of media, especially digital. During
each episode, we will invite industry
experts and hands-on pros we know and
love to work with to share tips and advice,
so you can DIY scale your business.
While there’s tons of social content out
there for savvy DIY-ers like yourself,
there simply isn’t another radio show like
ours! Trust us, this is the ONE radio show
you can listen to during your commute that
will change the way you do business – and
your life – for the better.
Want to make sure you never miss a
broadcast again? Follow our radio show on
the First Social Radio Station’s app, website,
and Facebook page, as well as on Orshon’s
Facebook and YouTube channels.

We promise you will enjoy!