About Us

Welcome to Orshon Digital Media Company –
providing 360° design and branding for all
your needs. 

At Orshon – we provide
harmonious end-to-end digital media and
visual branding and design, giving you a

complete experience in one place, saving
time, money and frustration. We collaborate
with top tier professionals in the field to
bring you the optimal product that
represents you at your best.

Orshon was founded by Orel Ben David,

Graphic Designer with over 15 years of experience. 

Orel saw his clients struggle get
good design along with photography, programming, 

online marketing and other
needs. Each part functioned separately,
causing a disconnect in the overall design.

He created Orshon to provide one place to
find all of the best professionals needed for
a project, 

who work together to provide the
total experience they need for the results
they deserve.


I believe that every person and every
business has a unique story to tell and it’s
my absolute pleasure to help them uncover
the DNA of their story and then to tell it

I have created a space that makes
the marketing process fun again – removing
hassle and miscommunication and instead
bringing you to a place of discovery,

harmony, trust and great results.

We have sourced and found the highest quality
professionals to deliver all your Digital
Media needs.

I’m humbled that you would
consider trusting your most important
materials to us – and I promise a flawless
experience that will truly make you shine.

I’m looking forward to discovering and
creating with you.

Creatively Yours,