Creating a website on WordPress – How to create a website right?

WordPress is a management system based on database. There are many websites created that way, which enables on one hand, to contain a large amount of information and links, and on the other hand, order and convenience. This platform is free for all. Since the launch of WordPress website management systems in 2003, it became the most popular website creation system with tens of millions of WordPress websites spread across the web.

How to create a website right?


The first step in the process is thinking about user experience. There is a need to characterize well the user experience we are aspiring for when the website is ready. This characterization will try to describe the experience the user will go through while using the website, and this process is based on five essential elements: Usefulness, effectiveness, motion, credibility, access. Good user experience can save lots of effort when launching the website or application because if the characterization process is done well, there is less need for investing in stimulating usage and implementation. Once the user experience is good, the road to success is guaranteed.


The second step requires a website designer who will choose the right colors for the website in order to enable a high-quality user experience and making the website attractive and pleasant to use. It is recommended to think of a color palate which catches the eye’s attention well and which fits the brand. The website’s attractiveness is important to make it stand out with the competition and therefore it demands a lot of work and investment.


This step is the most substantial and technical, and it demands the in-depth work of web developers. But one must remember that creating a WordPress website can be done by anyone as WordPress in the first place wasn’t made for programmers and web developers only. The programming phase will include coding, software, speed, all of which to create a promotable website. In general, the process is not complicated nut there is a need to stick to the protocol of web developing according to the WordPress system.


The optimization phase is one of the last stages in creating a WordPress website. After most of the work has been done, there is a need to conduct a survey of all systems and ensure everything is in its place and that every function works to the fullest. This includes links, design, speed and other features. If there is a need for fixing, this is the time to do it.

Adjusting the website

This is one of the last steps in the process but also one of the most important one. These days, most users surf the web on their phones and not the computer. This means that every website development must take into consideration adjustments to the mobile sphere. Without this step, it will be hard to find the website on the phone, and even if its found, it won’t be user friendly.

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