Translation & localization services

We ensure your brand and its offerings
are understood in all your target markets,

so you can sell more and scale. Highly precise, 

localized content that takes cultural norms
and navigation preferences into account,

so you can close more deals.

Table of Contents

Translation services

According to GALA, 

the Globalization and
Localization Association, translation is
“the communication of meaning from one
language (the source) to another language
(the target),” 

in written form. The goal of
translation is to transmit information in
multiple languages, 

while retaining the original message’s tone and meaning.

At Orshon Digital Media Company, 

we make it easy and seamless to go global and introduce
your brand and offering to new audiences in
new markets. 

We partner with world-renowned translators that specialize
in tens of languages, to ensure your website
and marketing content reflects your brand’s

identity, mission, and vision, in every target market.

Localization services

While translation is the first step towards
taking your business across international
borders and to new and diverse audiences,
it is not nearly enough to attract, retain,
engage, and convert potential new
customers around the world.

Localization takes translation one step

Often referred to as l10n,
localization takes a more comprehensive
approach to adapting your content to each
new and diverse target market and

so that it feels as though it was
written especially for them. 

Localization includes the following activities:
Translation into target languages
Adaptation of content (wording) to reflect
the target audience’s consumer behaviors
and preferences Adaptation of language
and graphics to suit local cultural norms,
traditions, and preferencesAdaptation of
layouts and designs for left-to-right
versus right-to-left writing and clear
content displayConversion of dates, 

contact information, 

currencies and units of measurement to meet local requirements and formats Compliance with local laws and regulations.

At Orshon Digital Media Company, we
partner with leading professionals
across the globe to inform our exceptional
localization services. 

Our team of translation
and localization experts ensure your brand’s
every communication and the design within
which it is displayed is clearly understood and
appropriately calls to action in every language,
in the best, 

most natural way.