Video & Animation Services

Connect with your customers on a deeper level, 

with highly-engaging videos and
animations that put your brand’s best
foot forward. 

We’ll do the hard work, 

while you sit back, relax, 

and enjoy the show.

Table of Contents

Video production & editing

Video marketing is a powerful tool used
by savvy businesses looking to increase
their brand awareness, reach, engagement, 

and ultimately, their bottom line.

Highly shareable, 

videos simultaneously inform and evoke an emotional response,

leading to deeper, 

more involved brand-customer relationships.
Understanding the critical role video
marketing plays in the modern business

Orshon Digital Media Company produces and edits video content that
enables brands to stand out, reach out, 

and engage with their new and existing
customers like never before. 

Let us help you make a big impact in the digi-sphere with highly compelling and artfully edited videos that are aligned

with your branding and “speak” to your
target audience’s consumer needs. 

From website openers and walk-ons, 

to custom video intros and outros, 

motion graphics, video & audio editing, and more,

The Orshon team has your video production
and editing needs covered.


Using animation in your brand content is a
great way to ensure your complex brand
information is transmitted in the
simplest way possible,

 and is highly
cost-effective compared to other forms
of video production. 

The Orshon team
specializes in creating addictive, 

extremely shareable animated videos that up your
brand’s viewership and generate more
leads who are interested and invested in
your brand and your offering.


With Orshon’s video animation team at the helm, 

your brand and its story can be artfully brought to life, 

integrating creative scripts, engaging storyboards,
captivating voice overs, 

and relevant branding to produce excellent animated
videos that call to action. 

From explainer
videos and whiteboard animations to
animated web demonstrations, 

product promotions, and more, 

we bring your needs and your competitive advantage

come to life through the power of

Promotional videos

Want to target new audiences and
instantly let them know exactly who your
brand is and what you have to offer?

 Let Orshon Digital Media Company create
stunning, entertaining, 

and highly informative promotional videos that put
your brand’s best food forward. 

Our promotional video content is visually
stimulating and leaves lasting

making for extremely
effective marketing tools.


At Orshon, 

we pride ourselves on our
ability to learn your brand’s business
needs and objectives and meet them

through the delivery of impactful
promotional videos viewers won’t be able
to resist sharing. 

We carefully plan and
integrate the music, sound, scripts, 

and visual effects that tell your brand’s story
like never before.